Galactic Strongholds!

So I am a little crazy about SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic), and which the pending release of Galactic Strongholds, I am a little excited about the release of the new patch. The game has started it’s server maintenance about an hour and 55 mins ago, but who is really counting.

I started a dance party at the Fleet Cantina before the server kicked us all off. It was fun while it lasted.




Back to twiddling thumbs until SWTOR is back only…

Scarves and Cowls!

So I have been busy lately knitting and crocheting scarves and cowls as it is winter now.


The cowl pattern can be found at

And the crochet scarf pattern can be found at – I had altered this pattern just by having the number of stitches on the first chain to make a scarf half the width.